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Wondering which program is a good fit for you? Chances are, I've either completed that program or am about to! ;)

I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight! In 2011, after having my son, I struggled with post-partum depression and emotional/binge eating. The day after Christmas, I looked in the mirror at what I was becoming and I hated it. I knew I had to change for my husband, for my son, and for myself! I ordered TurboFire and haven't looked back since!

So in essence: I am not someone who has ever had it easy with my weight - I have learned to overcome laziness, fight excuses, and slowly learn to weed out the emotional eating. My hope is that this speaks to you and encourages you to either get started on leading a healthier lifestyle, or gives you encouragement to keep going in your lifestyle! If I can encourage you through your journey, or if you are looking for an accountability partner/Coach, send me a PM and we'll chat! :)

My progress is below, starting with my most recent program :)
  • The most shocking transformation of all for me has been what I've been able to do while struggling with my health. I was exposed to toxic mold, which - compounded over a long period of time - has wreaked havoc on my body. I was diagnosed with toxic mold exposure, candida and chronic fatigue syndrome. I completed a round of The Fix modifying every move, and using 0-3lb weights.

  • In 2015, after my baby girl was born, I completed two rounds of The 21 Day Fix. And I loved my results! Check out how I completed The 21 Day Fix here, even without using the containers, while breastfeeding!
  • The 21 Day Fix has become a game changer for me. Seriously - I completed the first round of this program within weeks of having a baby and was FLOORED by my results. You can read my thoughts on this program after having a baby right here!

Ready to commit to The 21 Day Fix? I have challenge groups running every month with other ladies who have committed! You can order everything you need for my next challenge group here! This will also assign me to be your Coach if you don't already have one. :) Once your order goes through on my end, I will be contacting you with all the details and to help you get started!

  • I also did the 21 Day Fix while pregnant and it kept me so strong throughout pregnancy! You can check out my results and an honest review while pregnant here.

Wondering what a Piyo workout looks like? I got you right here! These are a couple of my favorite exercises from the Piyo Core and Define Lower workouts :)

Ready to commit to PiYo? You can order everything you need for my next challenge group right here and have me automatically assigned as your Coach!

Need a refresh yourself? You can order the 3-Day Refresh challenge pack here and have me assigned as your Coach! When you purchase it this way, you get the 3 day refresh for less than half price!
  • Before the Refresh, I completed the 21 Day Fix, which has done AMAZING things for my body and for teaching me correct portion control! 

Curious about how the 21 Day Fix works? I made a quick video to explain the workouts, the containers, and what it entails!

And of course, I have to share what The Fix has done for my booty!! ;)

The 21 Day Fix has been the top-selling program of the year. The demand for it has been huge! Ready to commit to the 21 Days and a healthier lifestyle? You can order the challenge pack here and I will be assigned as your Coach to help you through the 21 days and beyond!
  • I wrote about my P90X3 results in this post and you can also read hubby's thoughts on the program here :)

I also tackled the TurboFire 5 Day Inferno plan earlier this year! Read my thoughts on it here :)


My first EVER transformation was with TurboFire - which completely changed my life. I'm talking WAY more than just my body, it changed my mindset, and is ultimately when I decided to take the plunge, become a Coach, and better myself every day!

Check out my post about my TurboFire results here!

Day 1 of TurboFire       Day 90 of TurboFire
Curious about what a TurboFire workout looks like? This one is an advanced workout, but it's an example anyways :)

I also summarize my TurboFire Journey here:

Want to commit to having some serious fun and kicking your own butt at the same time? Think kickboxing meets zumba! You can get the TurboFire challenge pack here, which will also assign me as your Coach! With the challenge pack, you get 30 days worth of shakeology, plus the program and everything you need for my next challenge group!

As you can see, I've been pretty busy since I started on this venture last year and I feel amazing!! PiYo is finishing up in one week, and then it's on to BODY BEAST! Yikes! haha stand by! ;)

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