Free Daily Encouragement for Overwhelmed Moms

So you're a new Mama - and you're feeling a little (okay, a LOT) overwhelmed right now.

I get it, girl. I just had my second baby and went through those same feelings all over again!

It has become my mission to help new Mamas who are struggling with baby blues, feeling overwhelmed - or even going through postpartum depression - to get through those challenging early days with daily encouragement and support.

In this short series, you will get a short email every day with a video from me. We will talk about things like mom guilt, colic, hormones, feeling overwhelmed, sleep deprivation, postpartum depression, and much much more.

I am far from eloquent. I'm not a professional; I'm just a Mama like you with a heart for helping other Mamas get through this tough time.

So if you're in need of encouragement from a Mama who understands, fill out this quick form, and you'll get your first email from me here shortly. :)

It really is going to be okay, Mama <3

30 Days of Encouragement for New Mamas

Your details will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with any third parties.

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Disclaimer: my specialty is basically being a crazy busy wife/mom/coach. I'm not a doctor, nor am I giving medical advice.Talk with your doctor if you are experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression and before beginning any exercise or nutritional program - especially after having a baby!

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