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The 21 Day Fix has been a game changer for myself, and dozens of my customers and friends. I have done SO many posts, shared SO many recipes, and shared my reviews with how it's helped me start to recover from serious chronic illness, how it has helped my booty, how it helped transform my body after baby, and how it's helped my eating habits. So here it all is in one place!

  • The most shocking transformation of all for me has been what I've been able to do while struggling with my health. I was exposed to toxic mold, which - compounded over a long period of time - has wreaked havoc on my body. I was diagnosed with toxic mold exposure, candida and chronic fatigue syndrome. I completed a round of The Fix modifying every move, and using 0-3lb weights

  • You can check out what The 21 Day Fix has done for my booty, if that's a problem area for you. ;) I have ALWAYS had a flat, saggy bum, and this program changed that for me! Check it out:

  • I also was able to complete a full round of The 21 Day Fix while pregnant. You can check out my progress and thoughts while working through the program while pregnant here and also my final results and a full review right here! I loved my results and how it helped me control my weight gain throughout pregnancy!
Go to results and review during pregnancy
  • After my baby was born in May, what program do you think I turned to? Ohhh yeah, you know it! ;) You can read my results and a review of The 21 Day Fix after baby (and while breastfeeding) right here. I loved my results!
Go to Results and Review After Baby
  • After playing around with a few other programs between July and September, I decided to do another round of The 21 Day Fix to get me back on track - but I wanted to try it WITHOUT the containers to see if it still worked. I didn't get jaw-dropping results for this one as I would have WITH the containers, but I was still pretty darn happy with these results! Check out my thoughts on doing the 21 Day Fix without containers (along with my reasoning for trying it without the containers) right here
Go to results without containers here
  • I've completed two rounds of The 21 Day Fix since baby girl has been born, and I'm not done yet! I love this program, and I especially love participating in my monthly challenge groups with other ladies who are seeing results with it as well!
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Starting out and overwhelmed? Stressed and broke but want to do the best you can with what you have? I've been there! Here's a way I incorporate my 21 Day Fix meals into family meals:

Let's break it down: you get a certain amount of containers every day - you space those containers out throughout the day, fill them for each meal, and once you're out of containers, you're done eating! It's as simple as that! :)

Now, I get a lot of friends who are new to the 21 Day Fix and overwhelmed at the idea of planning out their meals. I created this video to help!

Here's a meal prep cheat sheet with a meal planning calendar, a sheet to take stock of what's in your pantry, and a blank grocery list! Feel free to print and use for your meal planning - just be sure to adjust the containers to fit your own container allowance! :)

Now, let's get into the good stuff - the FOOD! <3

RECIPESStarting with the most recent!
  • Lunches can be such a pain - it can be tough trying to come up with ideas for lunch on The 21 Day Fix! This dish is super easy and a great way to get extra nutrients and get in some of those greens!

  • Fall is almost here! Don't be running to a chain coffee shop for your coffee when you can make it cleaner, and cheaper at home! Check out my new favorite Pumpkin Spice Coffee recipe!

  • Looking for fast, easy and simple? It doesn't get any simpler than this for a Fix dinner!
  • Pretty much the BEST dinner you can make on the Fix! I inhaled mine a couple of hours ago and am still full!

  • Craving Iced Tea? No sugary drinks allowed! But don't worry, I got you right here ;)

  • Have a sweet tooth? These are in your book, but just in case you need a visual too, here you go! :)
  • Did you know spaghetti is allowed on the Fix? Yup! Here's a great way to make it in the correct portions and Fix-friendly! :)

I hope my experiences, results, reviews, recipes & videos has helped you! As always, please reach out if I can help you at all in your journey, I have challenge groups running monthly with other ladies beginning The 21 Day Fix - just add me as a friend on facebook and reach out for support! <3

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