Thursday, July 13, 2017

Can You Do The 21 Day Fix Without Exercising? Check Out My Results!

Wow.. it's been awhile! It's been a CRAZY season in our lives.. I've taken most of the year to focus on my health and spend time with my family after a major health scare last year.
    As always, know that I am not a medical professional; just a Mom who is crazy passionate about helping other moms get healthier and happier for their families. This is not to be taken as medical advice, if you have health concerns, please contact your Doctor before beginning this or any exercise/nutrition program <3
Throughout this year, one of the many things I’ve been struggling with is exercise. If you’ve ever heard of adrenal fatigue, you may understand why! Symptoms of adrenal fatigue are:

  • Fatigue,
  • Body aches,
  • Low blood pressure,
  • Lightheadedness,
  • Multiple food and/or inhalant allergies,
  • Decreased ability to handle stress,
  • Low blood sugar,
  • Low body temperature,
  • Heart palpitations
  • February 2016
  • Alternating diarrhea or constipation
After going to Doctor after Doctor last and getting NO answers or help, I was beyond frustrated. I wanted my life back! I had experienced long-term toxic mold exposure, and no Doctor was able to tell me what was wrong. It was a naturopath that eventually tested me and found high levels of mold, and candida in my body. I was also told I had adrenal fatigue, and after researching, I believed it!

We had our house completely remediated and tested to ensure the mold was gone, but the damage was done to my body. A year later, I am still healing from all of this, but the thing that is the most stubborn is the adrenal fatigue. I have been focused on recovery, which involves:

July 2017 - Slowly healing!

  • Getting as much SUNSHINE as possible,
  • RESTING when tired,
  • Sleeping at least 8 hours every night,
  • Avoiding stressors (and learning ways to cope with stress),
  • Learning every day about how much our bodies are really designed by God to heal themselves (telling myself that my body WANTS to heal – avoiding negative self-talk),
  • GENTLE exercise (walking and stretching only!) on days where I feel good,
  • Taking my adrenal supplements from my naturopath,
  • Talking it out – with a Christian therapist and close friends who can pray for me, and
  • Eating whole foods – organic as much as possible, and cutting out sugar, gluten, and almost all processed foods.
  • Reading God's Word and holding onto His promises:  “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

These steps have made all the difference towards my recovery! Every so often, I get slammed with stress and I have a rough couple of days, but overall, I am very excited that my body seems to be on the rebound!

One thing I have been discouraged by is my weight. My weight gradually crept up, my clothes were too tight, and I had to go out to buy bigger clothes (that’s never fun, am I right?!). I found myself eating lots of great foods, but I was mindlessly eating them.

My stomach was getting stretched out because I had no control! 

So about a month ago, I decided I was done feeling this way. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and hated myself every time I overate. I knew this was slowing my healing process and that I had to do something! What’s more, I knew I wanted to be an example to other women out there (and my daughter)!


So I started the one place I knew where I had always gotten results: The 21 Day Fix. I knew I couldn’t do the full workout program with adrenal fatigue, so I started with the nutrition. I love how versatile the plan is! I am very limited on the foods my body will tolerate, so I pick and choose from each category and make it my own. Because I have completed so many rounds of the Fix in the past, I knew exactly what foods I could eat and roughly counted each container throughout the day (though I was far from perfect).

With exercise, on good days, I walk with a friend at work, and we walk at a pace slow enough where we can talk without losing our breath. The trick with adrenal fatigue I’ve found is that your heart rate can’t go above a certain level without causing a “crash”. For example, I took a walk by myself last week, and I noticed at the end my heart rate was WAY too high. Sure enough, for the next four days I felt HORRIBLE: extreme fatigue, my allergies were flaring up, joint pain, and other not so fun symptoms. The key with exercising with adrenal fatigue is to LISTEN to your body and take it slow! Many days, I'm excited just to be outside with my kids!

I can’t tell you how many pounds or inches I’ve lost yet, because I want to wait another 30 days before I weigh in and take measurements. But I can tell you my clothes are DEFINITELY feeling better and I’m loving the difference I’m seeing in my pictures so far!


You know the saying that weight loss success is 70% diet and 30% exercise? I’ve always believed it, but now I really SEE it! So if you’re struggling with health issues like me, and need to take it easy with exercise, you can still get great results with using 21 Day Fix portions!


Are you already a customer and ready to start with me? You can order The 21 Day Fix base kit here, or the Challenge Pack here, or send me a message that you're ready - we'll do this together!



  1. Thank you for sharing this! I am in nearly the EXACT SAME BOAT. Postpartum depression, then chronic Lyme, viruses, adrenal fatigue, and TOXIC MOLD. Moved out of mold house 7/28/17, and have gained SO. MUCH. WEIGHT. Have been considering doing 21 day fix again, and this was what I needed for encouragement! THANK YOU for sharing!

  2. Hi Jillian! No way! The more I share, the more I realize how many of us are struggling with this! I hope you've been able to do the 21 Day Fix to help, but if not, don't despair! Healing is a process!

  3. Gello Amanda. I cannot do too much exercise due to a back condition but i do have to lose the weight. My range is 1500 to 1699. Do i have to increase my calorie intake since i am not burning as much? How do i do that.
    Thank you

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  5. This post means more then you could know. I have so many autoimmune issues, and I experience the same issues with exercise. This could have been my story! The weight has risen to EXTREMES since my body has deteriorating. Prior to this, I lost a lot of weight with the 21 day fix... Smallest weight of my life.your story is inspiring. If you'd ever like an e-pen pal.... Feel free to send me a message.