Sunday, April 17, 2016

Why Diets Don't Work.. And What Does.

Yeah.... We've all been there.

  • A big event comes up and you no longer fit into that fallback dress in your closet.
  • A vacation sneaks up on you and your bathing suit no longer fits.
  • Your class reunion is in a month and you're just realizing you need to drop 10 pounds (or more).

So what's the obvious solution?

Eat less, right?

So we grab a small salad at the store instead of a sandwich.

Or we go crazy and buy a bunch of vegetables so we can make our own salads. Then drizzle chemically-filled "dressing" on them with ingredients that are made in labs instead of gardens.

 And swear we're just going to eat vegetables and protein for the next month.

Let me ask you something.

Do you ever wonder why you barely make it through an afternoon and feel like you're going to turn green and eat your town if you don't get real food soon?

And it's only worse if you're suddenly exercising too!

Salads are great. They're a great way to get vegetables and extra nutrients in.

But a small salad for lunch is just not enough for your body to thrive on, both in the short and long term.

You need calories. But you need GOOD calories. Not just vegetables.

When you do this, you're setting a pattern for your body to expect to be starved. So it actually stores up more fat for the future in case it happens again.

And you end up gaining all the weight back and MORE after you finally give up eating like a rabbit. I've seen it over and over again.

I've seen "I got this!" with pictures of a dinky salad that couldn't feed my four year old.

I've seen "Time for a change #breakfast" with a simple apple that's supposed to last someone all morning.

Reality check: This is NOT healthy for you, especially if it's a sudden change.

Instead of eating just vegetables on your salads, try adding in proteins and fats too. And by that, I don't mean store-bought, chemically-filled dressings. I mean good, NATURAL proteins like eggs, or lean meats.

Add in healthy fats too - in this salad, for example, I have pumpkin seeds (which are a powerhouse nutrient with both protein and healthy fats), AND olive oil, with apple cider vinegar, black pepper, and pink himalayan salt.

The fats and protein  help keep me full, and I still get energy from the vegetables in the salad. Big difference!

So the next time you get that "oh crap" moment, do yourself a big favor and take little steps like this.

And remember.... It took a long time for your body to get to where you're at today - drastic calorie and nutrient cuts will only harm it. It's little changes like this (combined with healthy exercise) that will help you get to a place where you are feeling and looking good!

Deal? :)

As always, reach out if I can help you with your own health & fitness goals today! <3 I hope this has helped you today, friend!

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