Sunday, March 27, 2016

What to Do When You're Not Losing Weight

There's something that's been driving me crazy lately.

Everywhere I go: the Doctor's office, talking with friends, talking with family, in the grocery stores, EVERYWHERE, people - especially women - are talking about how frustrated they are with their weight. I've heard it all:
  • "my body's just comfortable at this weight, so I don't even try" 
  • "I've been working so hard and the numbers just won't go down!" 
  • "I'm so discouraged, the scale is just not budging. Why am I even trying?" 
  • "There is just no way I can ever be back at my pre-baby body!" 

Let me be very VERY clear about this:

Your weight often has nothing to do with your health or with how fit you are.

See the first picture here? This was me at my most fit - I weighed 160 pounds (on my home scale) here. I was happy, I was fit, I was healthy, I had great stamina - and I was 160 pounds.

See the picture on the right? This is me today. NOT healthy - I am actually having a huge battle with my health right now. And I have NOT been able to work out regularly since October because of it.

In this picture on the right, today, I weigh 150 pounds according to the same scale. 10 pounds LESS than I do on the picture on the left. And I am four sizes BIGGER than I am on the picture on the left.

The scale will enslave you. It will taunt you some days - You will get frustrated and want to quit when it doesn't change or even goes UP. It's a trap.

So let me encourage you: when you are beginning a new fitness program, do yourself a favor and record your weight, BUT then PUT THE SCALE AWAY until the thirty/sixty day mark. Because the scale only measures a very MINUSCULE part of this whole process.

Take your measurements. See how your clothes are fitting. Do you have more energy? Is your skin clearing up? Are you happier? Are you losing inches? THEN IT IS WORKING! It takes TIME, be patient with yourself and trust the process!

Do NOT let yourself be so wrapped up in that little number on a box that you allow it to defeat you before you realize that this is actually working for you!

Deal? :)

If you feel like you've stopped and started over a million times and are overwhelmed and in need of someone to come alongside you (and you don't already have a Coach helping you), reach out! Add me as a friend on facebook and let's chat about your relationship with the scale and how we can help you overcome it! As you can see, I'm still on my own journey! <3

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