Thursday, October 29, 2015

Can You Do The 21 Day Fix Without the Containers?

I've been asked this a lot.

I completed a round of The 21 Day Fix after having my baby in June, and I get asked a lot about using the containers while breastfeeding. So I decided to venture out to see how I'd do without the containers.

Disclaimer: You will get the BEST results by following this program to a T - doing every workout, using up every container, etc. I simply did this because A) I'm still breastfeeding and feel like I need more carbs, and B) people kept asking me about the containers.

So here's what I did:
  • I ate ONLY what was on The 21 Day Fix meal plan. Meaning, each container has a page of allowed foods in the Fix meal guide - I ate the food on these lists only during the three weeks.
  • I tracked every bite of food on myfitnesspal. It's free and easy!
  • I tracked the macros according to what I wanted my goals to be. I know, I know, macros can be scary. That's why The 21 Day Fix already has the macros figured out for you with your containers. But this is for people who don't want to use the containers, so we've got to track them a different way, right? Right! My goals, since I'm breastfeeding, is to shed some of the weight while still being able to keep up my milk supply. So I went with 50% carbs, 25% protein, and 25% fat. You can set your own preferences in myfitnesspal's settings.
  • I completed every single workout and did doubles for three days during the last week (I caught a mild stomach bug the end of the last week and didn't want to push it).
Overall, I lost 15 lbs - and I'm sure I lost quite a few inches, but I completely spaced and input my measurements onto an app on my ipad that I later deleted! Whoops! Oh well, the pictures don't lie, right?

If you're looking for a full review of The 21 Day Fix After Baby, you can check out my initial results and review here.

I was very happy with my results this time around!

If you're curious about whether The 21 Day Fix is for you, and what else it has done for me, feel free to check out "The 21 Day Fix" tab on the top of this page :)

Thanks for visiting and as always, reach out if I can help you at all in your journey! <3

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