Thursday, June 18, 2015

21 Day Fix After Baby - My Results and Review!

So I am officially DONE with this round of The 21 Day Fix today!

I had my baby girl over a month ago and have been feeling GREAT - doing the modifications for the Fix workouts, adding in an extra 500 calories for breastfeeding, and keeping plugged in with my challenge group for accountability, motivation, and encouragement. And DANG, do I LOVE my results (pictures are posted below if you're REALLY nosy and can't wait, like me). ;)

I have to add in the disclaimer: my specialty is basically being a crazy busy wife/mom/coach. I'm not a Doctor, nor am I giving medical advice - talk with your Doctor before beginning the 21 day fix, or any other exercise or nutritional program, ever, especially while healing after birth!

Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's chat about this program and what it's done for me!

Like anyone on a weight loss journey, I've experienced frustration - my pre-pregnancy pants still don't fit (well, they can button, but it's NOT pretty!), the scale hasn't gone down a ton, and I was sick this week as well, where I missed some of my green containers, and had too many yellows.

But this is a PROCESS, this healthy lifestyle, right?

ESPECIALLY as new moms, our goal is to be healthier for our families, right? And progress is ALWAYS better than going for perfection, especially when you have little humans who like to interrupt workouts, keep you busier than busy, and demand your time at all hours of the day. ;)

SO if you're thinking "yellow containers? Green containers? What?!" - let me help you with WHAT The 21 Day Fix is and how specifically the containers work first, then we'll delve into a little more detail.

The workouts are the BEST. Seriously, I love them. They are a half hour - no driving to the gym, waiting in traffic, getting to the gym, fighting for a changing room, and then finally waiting for a machine. My baby girl goes down for a nap, my little guy is set up with some extra toys or a movie, and Mama gets to work for a half hour. That's it!

Four of the seven workouts require weights, and almost all of them require a mat to protect your knees and back. There is a modifier, Kat, in each of the workouts for those of us who are new moms trying to build our strength back up. Kat was my lifesaver during the workouts!

I love how Autumn says you can do anything for a minute - though at the time I'm usually not happy to hear those words ;) But even more than that, I keep in mind "Do your best and forget the rest" - and that is SO important for new Moms to remember! We are not going for perfection here, just striving to be better every day!

This is the secret sauce of this program. The containers. 

The containers basically go hand in hand with the nutrition guide, which are your instructions for using the containers. 

The eating plan is fantastic, and although if you're nursing like me, women who are breastfeeding are supposed to eat more, and you can easily add in those extra calories and eat according to the plan! There is a great variety of food available to choose from - and if you are a busy mom trying to cook for everyone, with a new baby, and tired, and wondering how to make the Fix work for you, here's a quick tip from me with how I do it!

My Doctor has also cleared me to keep drinking Shakeology (YAY!!) in place of a prenatal vitamin, while nursing. This really takes away any guesswork when it comes to wondering if my little girl is getting enough nutrients, and I rest easy at night knowing I'm doing the best I can to take good care of her and myself! I would encourage you to speak with your Doctor as well - I brought in the nutrition facts/vitamins on chocolate vegan shakeology, and he was impressed!


THIS is why I make every customer of mine take before pictures before starting any program. See what would have happened if I hadn't? I would have been frustrated, because it seemed like I only lost a little bit of weight - although I'm pretty excited about my inches!

21 Day Fix

No wonder my workout shorts kept falling down during my cardio workouts! ;)

I got in every single workout, but was off a little on my containers this week due to being a little under the weather - but do you think the program still worked? ;)

21 Day Fix


I am excited that I'm able to do what I do - provide a private online accountability group for women to come together to uplift and encourage each other. We push each other to do our best, check in every single day, share our struggles and victories, and really depend on each other to push through every single day!

Are you cleared by your Doctor for exercise, and ready to commit, Mama? I would love to be able to support you on your journey by having you join my next challenge group! Click here to get started towards becoming a healthier and happier you for your family!


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