Friday, May 22, 2015

21 Day Fix After Baby

I'm so ready for this!

Today, I start by adding some gentle stretching into my routine.

On June 1st, a group of ladies will be joining me as I start my journey to lose the baby weight through the 21 day fix - I will be adding in extra containers for breastfeeding, and modifying every workout, per my Doctor's instructions, until I gain enough strength to do them all!

Before pictures are NEVER fun, but ALWAYS necessary to gauge your progress - the scale doesn't always reflect progress!
I'm in love with this program, in case you couldn't tell from my results last year, and also during my pregnancy - and can't wait to see how I do with it post-pregnancy. Plus, they are quick results just in time for summer!

Now, being honest - I'm not sure how I'll do with my chest measurements during this - breastfeeding has caused me to gain quite a bit in that area! But I'll keep my focus on getting healthier, and slimming down, and we'll see what happens!

These are my friend's results from last year - I am using them as my inspiration for this round!

My own before pictures are taken, measurements done, and weight is recorded - here we go!

Stay tuned for my results on June 21st hopefully! If you're reading this before then and want to join us, add me as a friend on facebook and send me a private message, I'd love to have you in our group and have your results featured on my blog!

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