Monday, April 20, 2015

Six Tips to Being a Successful Beachbody Coach While Pregnant

You may be wondering HOW it's possible - it's truthfully not easy.. but it IS possible!

I know there are MANY Beachbody Coaches out there who are either newly pregnant or will eventually get pregnant. I also know how difficult it can be to try to navigate pregnancy while running this business! So I just wanted to share a few tips to help with the overwhelm!

As of today, I am 37.5 weeks along, and so far have been able to maintain my diamond status throughout my whole pregnancy - because my team is AMAZING.

With that being said, I also feel like I've learned many of these lessons the hard way. I've also included examples of what I've used to keep leading by example even throughout this pregnancy to hopefully help give you some ideas when it comes to sharing your own life and your own story!

1) Focus on keeping up your momentum.

 If you're in a similar place where I was, you may have been on FIRE before you got pregnant. Then your first trimester hits, and it may make you want to vomit just opening up your facebook message center or checking into challenge groups!

The best way to not lose momentum is to be up front and honest with your challengers and those who are currently depending on you (coaches, etc). If you're keeping your pregnancy a secret, ask them to respect that, and share why you're keeping it a secret. I never had a problem with this, and we didn't tell the public until we were twelve weeks this time around!

Whatever you do, do NOT give up and let your business slip away completely. Don't ignore messages completely and continue to check into your challenge groups, even if it's just for a quick post. Your customers, followers, and especially Coaches depend on you and they're watching you!

You can't be wishy-washy (is that a real phrase?) with your communication and expect customers and coaches to still trust you to be there for them down the road. 

Doing this also helps you realize that you ARE still helping people. I have seen too many coaches with amazing potential give up way too quickly because they lost their momentum! Fight this!!! Keep adding value to your followers, every single day!

An example of adding value and sharing your story, even through your pregnancy journey!

Another example of adding value - sharing a hard-learned lesson you may have encountered, even if it's painful! Someone somewhere is dealing with their future not working out quite like they had planned - YOU can offer hope to them in a single post!
2) Stop the comparison game.

 You may see other prego mamas who run half marathons or do Body Beast with no problems. Our bodies are all different - your body may not allow you to do cardio. Do what you can, and continue to share your story - if you can't go hard core with your workouts, share your nutrition, and do your best. Your followers will respect your honesty and admire your dedication to your health and the health of your baby!

This rule also goes for success club, rank advancements, etc. Do your best, but do NOT beat yourself up if you can't reach SC10 every month - it's HARD to reach new people when you can't fully commit to a full BeachBody program. Commit to continuing in the three vital behaviors, share your story, and do your best. Then let any concept of perfection go!

You can even go so far as to address comparison in your posts if you struggle with it like I have!
3) Stay consistent in EVERYTHING.

The three vital behaviors, self talk, your attitude, everything.

This is super hard when you're hormonal and want to just watch things blow up (or is this just me?). But the way you talk to yourself determines how you will do in this business anyways - add in the emotions of pregnancy and whatever you focus on will expand 1000%. Wake up every day, remind yourself that you're blessed, and focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

Like I mentioned before, it's SO hard to lead by example when you can't fully commit to a program. Share your story often, share progress pictures, even as your baby Bump grows. Be honest about struggles and how your body is changing. But do your best to put a POSITIVE spin on this. If your Doctor cleared you to keep drinking Shakeology, share that - and share WHY you're giving your baby the best nutrients possible!

Lead by example - you may not be able to fully commit to a beachbody program, but you CAN show that you are still active, and still taking care of yourself - WITHOUT being salesy!

4) Work with the willing - then focus on just being YOU!

This is KEY - Focus your energy on those who genuinely want your help - customers and coaches alike. Your energy will be seriously lacking for the full nine months. Focus on your current challenge groups, those who are eager and participating, and those coaches who are really truly showing effort with their business. Trying to drag people who aren't ready will just frustrate and exhaust any coach, and even more so a pregnant one!

Focus on just being you and sharing your life - chances are, Beachbody is a big part of your life, and you can find ways to share your passion for it while still incorporating other important parts of your life - all without being salesy!

Just be you! People will know what you do and you will be there when they are ready!
5) Don't beat yourself up.

Seriously. It gets you nowhere. Especially if you have other kids, trying to grow a baby, take care of other children, and run a business is not easy! Realize you're amazing for continuing this journey and putting your best efforts in, despite what your body is going through - you'll get back to where you were before! PLUS, you're in the BEST business of changing lives - not just physically, but also emotionally, and mentally - after your baby comes, every program will still be there. You will have the chance to commit again, to complete a full program, and to get back to yourself!

6) Consider this a gift

No, seriously!

Even with all the not so fun side effects of pregnancy. Not only do you get to look forward to holding your baby, you also get a "reset" button - a chance to fall in love with this business all over again! Your body will change after birth, but this is a chance to show your followers (and remind yourself) that these programs WORK, that you get a fresh start, a new view on your fitness journey AND you will relate to new moms everywhere who are trying to find themselves again!

I hope this helped you, Mama! Feel free to share with other prego coaches you may know!

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  1. Oh My Goodness! Thank you so much for these tips! You have no Idea how much they helped me and How On Point you were with how I feel. I just found out I was pregnant and wasn't sure how to go about working the business all at the same time. Thank you!