Friday, January 2, 2015

How to Overcome Exercise Excuses - And Three Common Excuses

I don't usually do tough love posts. Mostly because, I want you ladies to know how much I deeply care about you, and want to see you succeed. And because I realize that you may need encouragement, not a drill sergeant.

But I think there's a place for everything. ;) And maybe someone out there NEEDS a tough love post.

I was thinking the other day about how we can come up with SO many excuses when it comes to taking care of ourselves. The kids need us, we're sick, we just aren't meant to be skinny, etc. We could probably fill every day with excuses if we allow it!

We'll go over three of the most common excuses I have seen in my almost two years of being a Coach. I have heard them all!

I am sharing this with you not to make you feel guilty - but to really have you dig deep and ask yourself what is holding you back. In December, I had a cold, a bad virus, and strep throat - not to mention Christmas treats to avoid and events to survive! There were days where I could barely take care of my little guy, much less work out. There were major setbacks in December. Add in the fact that I'm pregnant, and my entire month could have been filled with excuses.

But as you can see, I did my best, I still had setbacks, I was imperfect - and I still got results - while pregnant! I'm not worrying so much about the scale during the pregnancy, other than checking in to make sure I'm not gaining too much. By December 29, I had gained a total of 9 pounds during this pregnancy.

I share this to ask you to dig deep inside and ask yourself what is truly holding you back now? You have an opportunity - 2015 has JUST started. You have a clean slate. You can start new and make this year different. And you don't have to do it alone!

SOOOO let's dive into those excuses!

Excuse #1 - "I just don't have enough time"

Yup, I'm addressing the most common one first. Here's the deal: we all have the same amount of hours in the day, every day. I know moms of special needs kids who have to devote ALL day, every day to their kids- and they still get in their workouts and take care of themselves. 

But how do you do this if your schedule is so packed? Something's got to give, somewhere.

Quick tip: start by writing out your daily schedule, what it looks like - and be HONEST. Don't fudge the times it takes you to cook dinner, or your drive home from work, etc. Do you watch TV? Do you read? Do you surf facebook for a half hour every night? Are any of these things going to really help you become a better person this year?

If you love to read, double up! You can do a half hour workout at home with the sound muted and listen to an audio book while working out! Talk about a workout going FAST! I've done this myself and I love it!

Do you love to watch tv shows? How much time do commercials take up? Pre-record your shows and watch them later WITHOUT the commercials - get in your workout during your usual show time, watch it after, and save time!

Excuse #2 - "I don't have enough energy"

News flash: Working out and fueling your body right GIVES you energy! Getting up off the couch and getting your blood pumping and the sweat flowing gets your endorphins going, and that feeds your body more energy! You feel accomplished after a good workout, no matter how far you have to go.

If you struggle with serious energy while still working out, step back and evaluate your nutrition - I mean, REALLY evaluate it. How much sugar are you taking in? You may initially feel great after having a sugar-filled treat, but the crash after is BRUTAL! And it's a constant cycle that never stops messing with your body. Aim for natural foods. If you do have to buy something that is pre-made, look at the ingredients (yes, be that person!) and make sure it has 6 ingredients or less. Check the sugar content. Is there 5g of sugar or less? Is there high fructose corn syrup? Avoid that like the plague, it is slowing your body down!

Excuse #3 - "I just don't like working out"

I've been there. In the academy, I had to do crossfit with 50 men and 2 other women. Most of us hated it. I really hated it. I wasn't that overweight, but it killed me. I struggled and usually came in among the last. It wasn't until I found a workout that I truly enjoyed, that I felt like I could relax and enjoy the journey. I even tried a local women's gym as a teenager and was bored to death, so I quit!

If you've tried and hated working out, chances are you just haven't found something you truly enjoy yet. Don't give up! Keep looking, you'll find something that clicks with you! If you're an extrovert and need FUN, you may need to make yourself go to weekly classes for high-energy cardio with others. Or you could do TurboFire at home. 

If you truly don't have time to drive to a gym (like me), there are programs you can commit to that will give you crazy amazing results that are 30 minutes or less - and there is a TON of programs to choose from. Do you like weights? High-energy cardio? A little of both? Pilates and yoga? It may take some searching, but you CAN find what works for you that you WILL enjoy!

I hope this post helped you with giving you ideas on how to overcome your excuses - and maybe even to recognize that they are exactly that - excuses!

I'm always here for you! Add me as a friend on facebook - you don't have to do this alone, and this year WILL be different for you! :)

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