Friday, December 5, 2014

Tips to Beat A Weight Loss Plateau - When You're Doing Everything Right!

We've all been there!

Struggling and wondering WHY you're not dropping any more weight. Working out daily, watching what you eat, and STILL - the pounds won't go away!

Any good coach would ask you:

1) Are you following a program (I mean, really following it - not skipping or mixing up the days or adding anything else in),


2) Are you following the meal plan that comes with that program? Again, REALLY following it?

Let's just quickly talk about this word everyone dreads:


I know, I know, I said it - don't stone me.

I honestly HATE when I hear someone say they CAN'T eat this, or they CAN'T eat that. I was caught in that trap for many, many years.

And that's exactly what it is: a trap!

But seriously, ladies, calories are NOT your enemy! Calories - GOOD calories with serious NUTRIENTS - are what your body needs! THAT is why I harp on meal plans - NOT because of the calories. But because of the NUTRITION guidelines and often portion control parameters they provide for us!

It might not have an effect on everyone, but when you're constantly telling yourself you can't eat this, and you can't eat that, sooner or later, you're going to snack and have at least one major binge fest - and if you're like me, that binge fest can last weeks!

SOOO here are two quick tips I have for you if you ARE eating clean AND completely following a workout program, and are still at a plateau. This isn't medical or nutritional advice, this is simply what worked for me QUICKLY in my own experience!

The best part? You can still follow a program's meal plan perfectly while incorporating these tips (as I have!).

I hope this post helped you with some ideas on how to beat a plateau! Need ideas or direction? Feel free to add me on facebook and we can chat more! :)


  1. I went shopping today and people were getting irritated with me because I kept stopping to check the labels to see how much sugar was in everything I was buying. My one hour shopping trip turned into a 3 hour trip :) Thanks for the tips. I will be sharing them with my ladies.

    1. Haha I hear you, girl!! Ever since our little guy was born, reading labels is a way of life! Embrace it!