Friday, December 19, 2014

Our Gender Scan Results and Prego Check-in Time! :)

I don't usually share my own life on here, other than what can benefit you ladies, but I figured since I'm now officially HALFWAY through this pregnancy (eek!!), I should!!

**PLEASE - if you come to this blog to receive support for miscarriages, infertility, or other loss, please don't feel like you need to read this! I fully recognize how painful it can be to have to read about another person being pregnant, seeing baby bump pictures, or especially ultrasound pictures when you have been trying for so long or have experienced a loss. Know that I am here to support you, and do not feel like you need to read this, ok? Lots of love to you!!!**

So I've already told you all how miserable I was in my first trimester, so I won't go into those details! Just know, it was bad!

When I was pregnant with my son, I felt miserable. I felt huge, lazy, and was just generally unhappy with how I looked. I took maybe TWO pictures throughout my entire pregnancy! I vowed that this time (especially since this is most likely our last) would be different! I am determined to try to enjoy this pregnancy as much as I can - although let's face it: no REAL prego woman feels that amazing "glow". We don't feel beautiful, sexy, or glamorous. We deal with stretch marks, mood swings, constipation (yeah, I said it!), and gross acne!

BUT with that said, I am still trying to make the best of this, and take weekly progress pictures to look back on in the future! I would encourage you to do the same! :)

Shoulders = my favorite area to work! :)
19 weeks!
Of course, I have to say that I am also still working out 5 - 6 days a week! I'm modifying many of the workouts from P90, TurboFire, PiYo, and the 21 Day Fix. I love what I'm doing and I love tracking my progress with this, too! It's hard work growing a human, it's even harder to try to keep yourself in good shape by exercising daily! Thank God for my challenge group girls to keep me in check!!

BUT taking care of YOURSELF through this process makes it SOOO much better for you AND the baby! I am working towards a (hopefully) easier delivery and a faster recovery after the baby is born! Plus, exercising keeps you healthy, and regulates those crazy pregnancy hormones! ;)

Leg Day = my favorite!
20 weeks!
I am also 5 months without any refined sugar (thank you, candida)! Well.... admittedly, I took two bites of pie at a restaurant with hubby about a month ago, and one bite of chocolate cake from his plate this past week, but besides that, I'm sugar-free anyways. ;) I feel like this is helping me a ton with cravings, controlling my weight gain, and also helping with regulating my mood!

I do still drink Shakeology every day. I tell all prego mamas to check with their doctors. I talked with mine, we went over what's in Shakeology vs. what's in prenatal vitamins, and he cleared me to keep taking Shakeology with some extra iron. :) Because of this, I still have energy (for the most part!) to keep up with my little guy, get in my workouts, keep up with the house (well, for the most part too), and cook a LOT! Plus, I know my body and my baby are getting the nutrients and probiotics we need!
SOOO you know that I A) am 20 weeks along, B) am avoiding sugar and staying active, and C) take a lot of selfies, but I bet you're wondering how our baby is doing, aren't you? ;) I saved the most important part for last!

See how her legs are up over her head?
How is that comfortable?!
Meet our little girl!!

Little feet!
We had an ultrasound at 19 weeks, 6 days, and she is healthy, and MELLOW. This little one just hung out while the tech took her measurements and flipped a few times when she was annoyed (just a gut feeling I had when she kept flipping). If you know my little guy, you know that he's a WILD man, and during his ultrasound, he was flipping, and kicking, and punching and thrashing around like crazy! So this little one seems to be the more mellow one of the two! :)

She was measuring just over 10 oz yesterday, right on track! We are hoping and praying this one does not have FPIES or any other food allergies, but we love her either way!

So that's where we are at right now!! :) Lord willing, I plan on continuing to work out every day, drink Shakeology, and keep up with my little guy! Christmas is right around the corner and we are excited to spend it with our families!

May you have a wonderful holiday season as well! I will continue to keep you ladies posted! Know that I appreciate every one of you readers, and look forward to sharing more as we learn more! :)

Keep the faith!!

- Amanda :)

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