Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lose Weight in the New Year - This Year Will Be Different!

We've all done it.
We pledge that this year will be different.

We run out and get gym memberships.

We buy new workout clothes and make deals with our friends to go with us.

And we do great.... for maybe a month.

Here's the problem: we have no idea what we're doing.

We do some cardio, we work on the weight machines because everyone else does. But we don't see immediate results, so we get frustrated and just give up.

There's nothing wrong with you for doing this - just like there was nothing wrong with me when I did!

I joined a local gym, and kept going out for chinese food after my workouts, and couldn't figure out why I wasn't losing weight!

So there's no judgment on my part - I'm here to offer you hope. I'm here to offer you a solution. This year will be different. This will be your year.

I'm talking beyond losing weight (although that's included). I'm talking a totally different mindset. I'm saying that you can enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle, and that you can work towards success in all areas of your life - family, fitness, career, etc!

SO my solution!

I'm hosting a 30-day fitness accountability group - it's about learning to be stronger (body and mind). It's about learning to be unstoppable. To be fearless in 2015 and beyond!

Together, we will start 2015 out with a bang - getting serious about our health and our mindsets!

What's included:
  • Work out at home with a schedule guaranteed to yield results.
  • Stay accountable with other ladies in our private online challenge group.
  • Shakeology to help reduce cravings, maximize results, and help you get healthy from the inside out!
  • Recipe sharing.
  • Grocery lists.
  • Daily tips for working towards success in ALL areas of your life (including fitness).
  • Learn HOW to be fearless!
  • ME as your free coach! :)
Fill out this application to be considered for this group! I'm so excited for you this year!!

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