Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Calling all Special Needs Moms - It's Time :)

This journey...... oh man, what a journey!

I won't go into huge detail here - if you want to read our story more in-depth, you can check out our FPIES story and details about being a special needs Mama.

For a quick summary though: my little boy has a condition known as FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome) - it's fancy for: everything he eats with protein will ultimately be rejected by his body and send him into excruciating pain. Usually for days.

Now, we are one of those families who has to construct our entire lives around our little guy's dietary needs. We bring a cooler with us everywhere. He gets overstimulated (sensory issues) very easily. We deal with advice from people who don't get it a LOT. And we are definitely those "hovering" parents when there is any food around!

But enough about us, let's talk about you!

Regardless of what your child has for a diagnosis - if they have a special need of any sort, then you are a special needs Mommy.
  • If you have to move events and other planned activities around because of your child's needs, then you might be a special needs Mommy. 
  • If you get advice from people who have NO idea the pain you and your child(ren) are going through, then you might be a special needs Mommy. 
  • If you laugh when other Moms say that being a Mom is hard, you may be a special needs Mommy.
  • If you are usually good at keeping your language clean... unless talking with a Doctor or "medical professional" by phone, you may be a Special Needs Mommy.
  • If you have ever talked with a complete stranger about your child's diagnosis... and it was therapeutic, you may be a special needs Mommy. 
  • If some of your closest friends are women you've never met, who have children with the same diagnosis, you may be a special needs Mommy.
  • If you find yourself crying, with your head in the pantry, and your face full of chocolate after an average day with your child, you may be a special needs Mommy.
  • If you are frustrated with everyone around you who seems to have it all together, while you trail behind, desperately trying to hold your own life and family together, you may be a special needs Mommy.
  • If you feel like you're at your wits' end, and not sure how to find peace - giving your family your all, with nothing left, then you might be a special needs mommy.
I invite you to join myself and several other special needs moms in a group specifically designed for us. I am teaming up with an amazing Mother of three, Amee, of Inspired Housewife for this group. Amee's son, Tristan, has been diagnosed with osteoma cutis (a rare skin disorder), and autism, among other diagnoses. Amee has been through so much, but is an amazing example of a mother who is devoted to giving her family the best of herself, by taking care of her own health.

Amee approached me with this idea last month, and I had to hold back tears as I told her this was something that had been on my heart for SO long. We are so excited to bring this opportunity to you!

Whether you have a child with food allergies of any type, or a rare disease where your child is constantly in mental or physical pain, this is for you, Mom. It's time. Get support. Work on getting healthier for your family who needs you. All with support and encouragement from other Moms who GET it.

Our coaching and support is complimentary for those who invest in a program or challenge pack. This group is going to be invaluable for all of us!!! <3

Sign up here: Join our Special Needs Mommys Challenge group!

I can't wait to talk with you, Mom. I know how exhausted and frustrated you must be. Let's take care of YOU now.... together!! <3

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