Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hey Moms! Have a Problem with Emotional Eating? This is for you!


Let me clarify: this is for imperfect moms.

We feel our emotions DEEPLY.

You may say you don't. But if you're being honest with yourself, you'll admit you do.

ESPECIALLY if you have a problem with emotional eating.

Being a mom is HARD. 

We resort to food to internalize our pain or even others' pain. We take the food and bury it deep deep inside with our emotions. It's our way of coping, and not having to deal with the stress straight on.

When our kids cry or fight, what do we do? Turn to food.

When we get stressed about money - yup, the fridge.

When we're bored... ohh yeah.. where's the chocolate?


It's so much easier to grab that food, and shove it deep inside you... along with your emotions.

Now, I'm in a place where I literally am not able to internalize like I usually do.

Can I just say this past month has been a very low valley for me?

See, I have this new struggle with candida. I can't eat ANY of my trigger foods. Not one.

When you are forced to feel, I mean, REALLY feel your emotions, because you can't dull them out with eating, it is HARD. It forces you to realize just how emotional you are. And you have no outlet if that's all you've ever known.

And let's be honest: eating a bunch of cucumbers doesn't really fill the emotional eating void ;)

To be honest, I always thought I was anti-emotion.

Apparently not!

Think of it like this: I am like the equivalent of my two year old without his pacifier (yes, he still has it, no binky judging please!) at every little disturbance.

Ok, bear with me here.

Moms of kids with binkies, you KNOW what I'm talking about. You take it away, and they might be ok for awhile... until something happens: they take a fall, they get upset, or frustrated, or sad... then they freak. I mean, LOSE THEIR MINDS. Because they need it. It's their comfort, it's their happy place.

So it is with food for myself, and maybe you, Mom.

See, we are just like that kid with the pacifier - we have that one thing we turn to when we need comfort. For us, it's most likely food, but it can be anything!

So what's the solution?

Well, it took me getting a candida problem to recognize how deeply I experienced those emotions. I do NOT recommend that you wait until this point!

Instead, RECOGNIZE that this is a problem for you. Just like a child needs something for comfort (a pacifier, a blanket, etc), we do too.

Here's what I've discovered, the HARD way, though:

We will ONLY find that comfort in God alone.

That's it, no exceptions.

This past month has been HARD. I mean, HARD. I have learned a lot, I have suffered, I have experienced physical pain. But it has brought me closer to the Lord, and trusting HIM with my emotions. It may sound silly, but He truly does care about every part of you, including your emotions.

...pssst: and He KNOWS, even when nobody else does, your trials, your pains, your EMOTIONS - He understands and LOVES you!

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