Thursday, August 28, 2014

Turn Your Trials Into Testimonies

Hey ladies! So sorry I've been absent this past week.

It's been quite a week, so let me explain my absence and apologize for it!

On Tuesday, I was informed I have a yeast allergy/candida problem.

I have had some of the scariest symptoms over the past week or so, but let me back up:

It started out with skipping a period this month.

Then came the crazy fatigue (I thought I was pregnant - 8 negative tests later, I can tell you that's not the case). I am almost NEVER tired, so this is extremely unusual.

Poor concentration (also totally out of the norm, I am about the hardest worker you can find, anywhere).

Irritability and mood swings (I kind of pride myself in keeping control of my emotions. Not so lately!).

An occasional headache (I never get those!).


CRAZY sweet cravings (have you seen the desserts on my blog lately?!)

INSANE bloating and constipation (again, sorry, I know, TMI!)

A general unease, that something was wrong with me...

....and this is where it starts to get scary:

Then came the rapid/irregular heartbeat.

And Tuesday: a full-blown almost asthma attack - not able to breath, extremely tight chest, no clear thoughts, etc - just plain scary!

During the attack and immediately after, I knew something was very wrong with me.

Monday night before that even happened, I was up holding my little boy, rocking, praying, and sobbing, thinking that I had some form of female cancer.

God is good, though, you know that?

See, I called this AMAZING Doctor's office today after that darn panic attack, and well..... I was in a panic! They had an opening for that afternoon, so I jumped on it (after crying on the phone - I really am not ever that person)!

An hour later, I had an answer: I have a yeast allergy (candida) - which basically means, there is NO sugar allowed.

And no carbs.

And no fruit.

Turns out the candida has kind of taken over and caused a whole lot of problems for me!

Thank God for that Doctor!

The past few days have been scary - I am still dealing with a rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath (both common symptoms of candida), but I am honestly so thankful to be alive, I will adjust my diet however I have to!


So all of that to say, friends: I am embarking on a completely new journey. I am used to being a protective Mama Bear for my FPIES kiddo, watching every bite of food he takes, and now I have to watch my own food.

SO what does that mean?

It means I'm VERY restricted in my diet now. And my body is detoxing and going through something called "die-off", where I am trying to starve the candida.

No sugar or sweeteners, at all (no, not even honey or maple syrup).

No carbs or even starchy vegetables.

No mushrooms or other food that contribute to fungus growth.

No fruit for now.

....and reduced/no coffee, even black.

As a matter of fact, the ONLY food Logan and I can BOTH eat is cucumbers. That's it.

It was rough before the doctor's visit... but because of the die-off, the couple of days after have been hard as well. I am still experiencing many of the symptoms, but they are starting to lighten up a little, which is much appreciated!

Last night I managed a semi-smile! - Still hurting
but so thankful to have answers and a game plan!
This is not going to be an easy journey - it is actually taking all of my strength to write this right now - but I don't plan on ever doing that again!!

So, I invite you to follow me on this journey, and if you have a food intolerance/allergy too, please add me on Facebook so we can encourage each other!

I will also be posting candida diet-friendly recipes on here throughout this journey, as well as recipes for my FPIES kiddo, and I plan on keeping on with my Body Beast schedule!

I am one blessed Mama!

Today: very fatigued, but otherwise feeling better!
And yes, still SO grateful!
- Amanda :)

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