Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Scale Does NOT Define You! And I'm Going to Prove It!

Before I delve into this, let me share this with you:

90 day results

These are my results from P90X3 earlier this year. You will notice I didn't indicate any weight loss. 

That's because there wasn't any. 

But do you think there's a difference? Look at the muscle definition I gained, not to mention my jeans fit great and I lost 6 inches!

Why in the world do we get so wrapped up in the scale? It's a number! Why do we let it have so much power over us?

I'll be honest: even during my journey with P90X3, I was discouraged when the scale wasn't budging - and when I get discouraged during a plateau, what do I do? Eat and sabotage my efforts even more!

I know I can't be alone in that!

So here's the deal: I am starting Body Beast in about a week and a half. I am currently running a challenge group where the ladies have struggled with similar problems with allowing the scale to control their lives - and have resolved to not weigh themselves for the full 30 days.

It inspired me so much because they're fighting against one of the biggest struggles so many women face - and they're doing amazing!

It definitely got me thinking: why not measure my progress by taking pictures every 30 days, along with measurements and a fit test, and throw out the scale until after the 90 days are up? I hate the scale anyways, why torture myself like I have in the past?

So that's what I'm going to do - not just for me, but for any of you ladies who struggle with the scale. There are SO many non-scale victories we experience when we start a new program or venture into a healthy lifestyle - why allow the scale to bring us down?

Follow my journey on here as I post about everything BUT the scale - pictures, fit test results, stamina, energy, how my clothes fit, etc. And I'll be figuring out what to do with the scale currently in my house ;)

You are welcome to join me! No scale = freedom!!

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