Monday, August 18, 2014

Men Can Get Great Results with Piyo Too!

To say I'm a little proud of my husband is an extreme understatement.

This guy KILLED his first round of Piyo!

He was a little worried about losing muscle after his P90X3 results...

But he actually GAINED 1.5 inches of muscle in his biceps and thighs with PiYo!

Not to mention losing 3.5 inches around his waist, hips and chest! PiYo helped him lean out, as well as gain strength, and flexibility!

I'd like to make the correction: he actually lost 12 pounds, not 14 (I found out afterwards, sorry!)... but seriously, does that even matter?

He told me today: "I thought that I might lose muscle, but gain flexibility. I gained muscle definition, strength, AND flexibility!"

... and he freely admitted Chalene is the best trainer out there ;)

So is PiYo just for women? Will you lose muscle doing PiYo?

You tell us! ;)

90 Day PiYo Results
I owe two more workouts, then it's my turn - but I couldn't wait to share how proud I am of hubby, and to also share that PiYo is for men too!!

Are you a guy looking for support from another guy who's been there? Hubby is a coach too! You can send him a PM here or sign up here to have him assigned as your free Coach!

- Jon & Amanda :)

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