Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ever Wonder "Why Is My Willpower So Weak?" - I Have Your Answer Right Here!

I get many messages like:

"I wish I had your drive"


"I'm just not strong enough to stick with a commitment"


"I'm not like you, I just have no willpower"

Whoa... let's back up a minute. I'll be real with you.

I don't have willpower either. Willpower fails me. Every single day. If I were to depend on my own will to get me through situations, I'd be back where I was in my late teens - miserable and probably very overweight again.

What I have is something entirely different - ENTIRELY different. I don't depend on my will - I depend on my WHY.

What does that mean? Well, it's so incredibly important to me that I wanted to share the meaning through a quick video. Bear with me, as I have an extremely emotional why, but you can see why I choose to stick with the boring, mundane decisions every day - choosing a salad over chips, deciding to get in my workout rather than put it off. Why I make the decision to wake up early every day to give this business all I possibly can. It's because I have a deep why - because this HAS to work for me.

And the same applies for you. Watch this video, dig really deep - I mean, take some TIME to think about YOUR deep why. If you can identify your deep WHY - the reason why whatever it is you're doing HAS to work for you - you will find that drive to push past the mindset that you "can't" and find that you truly HAVE to make this work!

PS - This is NOT edited - it's very raw and real, so please no negative comments :) It was also originally created for my coaches, but you can take it to apply towards your own journey to health and fitness or your own life decisions :)

When you identify your own why-power, write it down, post it in a place where you will have to be reminded every single day!

And I want to hear from YOU! What is your deep WHY-power? Post below, I can't wait to read it!

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