Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What Can Piyo do for you? An Honest (and early) Review!

So you've been thinking about Piyo ;)

Maybe you've got knee and/or joint issues (like hubby & I both do).

Maybe you enjoy yoga and want to turn up the intensity.

Maybe you just decided to take a break from the weights and high impact.

Maybe you need to strengthen and elongate your muscles while helping your body heal from the high impact workouts you've been doing.

No matter your reason, I've got you right here - so let me give you a heads up on what's involved!

First, I'll show you this so I get your attention: these are my results from the first WEEK of Piyo:


Did I lose weight and inches? Yup! Did I feel like I was working out that first week or so? To be honest, not really!

Let me back up:

We are currently in our week 3 of Piyo. Hubby and I are doing this program together. He was a skinny dude in the Army:

When he joined the Coast Guard, he kind of chunked out:

Both the Army and the Coast Guard encouraged physical exercise, but he never ever built up good muscle. He went from being a skinny kid to a skinny adult, to adding on a little weight in his late twenties/early thirties.

If you've read anything about my story, you know that I've struggled with my weight my entire life. I was an obese teenager, who decided to take back control of my life, and lost over 65 pounds. I am still working towards my goal weight, but more than anything, I want to be STRONG and HEALTHY for my little family!

I tell you our background to tell you: we've both had experiences with being active and healthy. But neither of us have EVER (and I mean EVER) enjoyed yoga or pilates. Ever! So starting this program, we were both holding our breath, wondering if we would hate it. The answer is a definite NO. We both LOVE it. It is not only our chance to get in a good sweat, we also get to spend time together as a COUPLE! 

I don't know about you, but date nights are rare around here. So this is our version of a date night - except it's at 5 am every morning ;)

Ok, moving on! One of the biggest questions we get from people who are concerned about us doing "yoga" (they have no idea!) is: "aren't you going to lose the muscle you gained from P90X3?

Hmmm you tell us!

Here's us after P90X3:

Now check us out after just TWO weeks of Piyo and drinking Shakeology daily!!

To say we are in love with this program is an understatement, and let me tell you why:

If you have done any beachbody program before, you may start this and say, "Ummm Amanda, it doesn't even feel like its doing anything". EXACTLY.

The first week or so, Jon & I kept pushing play and were amazed when she said "Great job today, I'll see you in class tomorrow!". We couldn't believe it was over, we felt like it had barely started! It is NOT like yoga or pilates - you move through every exercise. There is no "sitting still" - which is perfect for us, because we are SO impatient!!

The first week starts out with Align: learning how to be properly aligned and prevent injuries, all while getting the most out of the workouts. The week then goes into upper and lower body workouts (both under 30 minutes), with a sweat (cardio) workout thrown in.

Now after a week or so, the heat gets turned up and they start to get a little more challenging. She throws in a core workout, then you do it again (pssstt - these ones hurt so good!) and today, we just finished the booty workout (Piyo buns). We were laughing at the name until she started the workout. ;) Yow!

Now, as you saw above, I lost 7 pounds in the first week of doing this program. What I didn't say is how much TIGHTER hubby and I are feeling all over. These workouts truly do define your body - without using any weights AND without any crazy jumps!

Now, let's talk NUTRITION! Have you seen the 21 Day Fix meal plan? This isn't far off from that. It actually allows more food and adds milk in as a protein! The guide breaks your food down into primary vegetables, secondary vegetables/grains, lean proteins, fresh fruits, and healthy fats. It is very easy to plan out your meals, you just use the list of options they give you and plan out your allotted food for each meal!

Interested in learning more? I'll be posting updates on here as we progress (our 30 day mark is in a week and a half and I'll be posting our progress here as well).

If now you're REALLY interested in Piyo, let me be the first to tell you it is a FUN and EFFECTIVE workout - and Chalene is by far our FAVORITE trainer (sorry, Autumn, and Tony - but seriously). She knows exactly what to say to get you to push harder. And even when you're at your limits, you can't hate her, because... well, she's Chalene! ;)

I'm in this picture in the back ;) Coach Summit introduced Piyo to us and we fell in love!
You can message us for details about ordering, and have one of us as your FREE Coach, and we'll even get you set up in an accountability group coming up with others doing this program!

Or if you're super impatient and HAVE TO HAVE IT NOW and don't already have a beachbody account, you can go here and it will also assign me to be your Coach! :) I'll contact you once I see your order go through!

Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for reading!! :)

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