Thursday, July 17, 2014

The 3-Day Refresh - My Honest Review & Final Results!

So here are my thoughts: I feel AMAZING. But it was hard for me.

Why? Because my eating habits were SO atrocious before I started this thing. I was STILL struggling with emotional eating, and I would constantly snack when I really didn't need to! It was out of control and I KNEW that this would get me back on track!

BUT when you're used to eating constantly and not on a regular schedule, your body craves food ALL THE TIME. So this was a definite struggle for me!

Was it worth it?


I feel like I've really regained control over my bad eating habits. I KNOW that I have gotten rid of serious toxins AND bloating as well!

Now, from what I understand, the results continue long after the Refresh is over too! I'm excited to see if this is the case!

Here are my results from the 3 days! Let me add: I did NOT work out during this. I wanted to see if I could still get results from NOT working out and doing this!

Down 8 (yes EIGHT!) pounds, and 2.5 inches around my waist!

Why Did I do the Refresh?

First of all, I saw this and knew it was different than any other cleanse I've seen before.

The Refresh was something I completed for several reasons.:

1) To know for myself if this thing worked - so I can better answer your questions!

2) To PROVE to myself that food does not have power over me. That may sound ridiculous, but if you seriously struggle with emotional eating, you know what I mean. I made it a POINT through these three days to CONSCIOUSLY choose NOT to take a bite unless it was on the plan, and ESPECIALLY not to eat when I was sad, frustrated, bored, etc.

And I did it. :) I didn't take one bite of any food unless it was on the plan!

Who I recommend this for:

- People who want to jump start their journey, detox their body, and cut back on boating.

- People who struggle with getting their eating under control and need a restart (like me!)

Who I DON'T recommend this for:

- People with very physical jobs and/or high demanding jobs that require clear thought (I was very foggy the first day - you may not have it as bad)

- People who eat a TON of calories - I would first cut back on your calories for a few days so it doesn't shock your body like it did mine (I went a little crazy over the weekend before I started this thing, totally my fault!)

- People who have been cautioned by a doctor against a strict calorie reduction. I would recommend you talk with your doctor anyways, to see what they say about this!

(keep in mind, I'm not a Doctor, this is just based on my experience from doing the Refresh myself!)

How I feel now:

- Tighter all over
- Lighter
- Less bloated
- Refreshed! (I know, I'm really not trying to be puny haha)

NOW, the ONE question everyone wants to know:

Do you poop like crazy on the Refresh?

Seriously, I've had so many people ask me if this is the case and the answer for me and two out of three of my coaches doing this with me is NO. And yes, I STILL lost weight & inches, and my clothes STILL fit better! 

I hope this review & my results helped you with making your decision if this is the right program for you!

If you can't WAIT to try it out, please message me or you can click here if you need to buy it now, and I will get back to you usually on that same day!


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