Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Frustrated with Not Losing Weight or Not Seeing Immediate Results? Want to Give Up? Read This!

We all get frustrated when we don't see the result of a positive choice for a long time.

It could be that you're reaching for veggies and hummus instead of chips and dip. It could be that you're constantly choosing a glass of water over a glass of soda.

Maybe the scale isn't budging. Maybe your waist doesn't seem to be shrinking. Maybe the results aren't there yet.

But trust me: the change IS happening!

I had the privilege of listening to Darren Hardey at Coach Summit last weekend. He addressed this:

Often times, a POOR choice = a good feeling (eating a massive piece of cake, binging on sweet or salty foods, skipping that workout and getting something else done).

And a GOOD choice may yield nothing (eating according to a meal plan, starting a new program or exercise routine may sometimes reveal no immediate change in the scale, no immediate inches lost, no instant gain in energy).

It takes discipline. It takes consistency. It takes sacrifice, and reminding yourself of your long-term goals and your big WHY power (not necessarily willpower!). Remember: what gives you short-term pleasure can create long-term pain, but what gives you short-term pain creates long term pleasure. This applies to your eating habits, your exercise habits, your decision on whether to skip your daily Bible reading, putting off smoking for one more day, etc. If you take out the time-space continuum and continued with your daily habits, what would happen in 5, 10, or even 20 years?

Consider this to keep you encouraged and motivated to continue despite what may appear to be no gains!

Buy a cheap notebook ($.99 at most stores), and start recording every single day when you make those seemingly small sacrifices that don't yield immediate gratification or results. Call these your miracles.

At the end of every day, tally up your "miracles" - and really sit back, take them in, and take pride in how hard you are working!

Let's end the trend of instant gratification. One miracle at a time :)

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