Monday, July 21, 2014

A Busy Mom's Guide to Styling Your Hair - 15 Minutes to Hair that Cooperates..... sometimes ;)

So I have some VERY busy moms who are sweet enough to say they love my hair, but have no time to do their own. I figured I would share with you today what my process is and see if it works for you. :)

This entire process (besides the natural drying) takes probably about 15 - 20 minutes total for me.

I will show you quickly what my hair looks like if I DON'T style it and just blow-dry it.

So you can see why I:

A) Usually have it in a braid or back in a clip.


B) Only blow dry it if I plan on curling it.

So let's get started!

Step 1: Shower & wash your hair before your child wakes up. If your child is already awake, find a favorite toy, place it at eye level with your child in a safe place, and jump in the shower quickly before they jump in with you. Then jump out of the shower before the toys are chucked in there too.

Step 1: Shower successfully.
Step 2: Add your favorite mousse and scrunch.

Step 2: Mousse and scrunch.
Step 3: If you have bangs, style those quickly using a round brush and a hair dryer - this is so your bangs don't explode before you're able to get to the rest of your hair. Also pray the child doesn't hear the hair dryer.

Step 3: style bangs if applicable. 
Step 4: While styling bangs, if the hairdryer wasn't quiet enough, allow your impatient child to place random objects in your back pockets and laugh at themselves.

Step 4: Allow your child to distract himself by whatever (safe) means necessary.
Step 5: Using a clip, put part of your hair back and do housework, cook, and/or play with your child to avoid an open mutiny. Do this until your hair is just a little drier.

Step 5: Place hair in a clip away from your face. Do housework/play with child until it's almost dry.
Step 6: Find another toy for your child. Preferably a loud one. Hide in the bathroom, and, using your hands and occasionally a round brush, dry your hair thoroughly.

Step 6: Find a loud toy for child. Hide in bathroom and blow dry hair thoroughly.
Step 7: Plug in curling iron. Check on child without him/her seeing you (good luck). Separate your hair so the bottom portion is left out and the rest is in a clip.

Step 7: Separate hair like shown. Check on child while curling iron is warming up.
Step 8: Taking your hair in small sections, use the hot curling iron by starting in the MIDDLE of the section, and curling to the point near the scalp. Once at this point, loosen curling iron and wrap the rest of your hair around the iron. Then twist around hair all the way to the scalp. Then allow hair to fall free from curling iron and do NOT touch it. Allow it to cool in the curl.

Step 8: Starting at the middle of that section of hair, twist hair around curling iron and bring close to scalp. Then loosen the curling iron, and allow the hair near the ends to also twist around the curling iron.

Curl all the way to scalp and let it fall free. Let it cool this way WITHOUT touching it!
Step 9: Curl all hair in every section this way. Break it up into smaller sections throughout your hair - if it's long enough, pull it over the opposite shoulder when curling one side.

Step 9: Pull already curled hair to opposite shoulder to keep out of the way.
Step 10: Do not be afraid to hold your uncurled hair in your mouth. Especially because you are in a hurry and nothing will surprise your child should they choose to interrupt you.

Step 10: Eat hair if necessary.

Just kidding. Don't really - if you have time for a clip, go for it.
.....I literally do it like this every time though.
Step 11: When you have curled all sections below, use a LIGHT layer of hairspray to keep it in place. Make sure child is not in the area.

Step 11: layer bottom part of hair with a LIGHT layer of hair spray to keep in place.
Ensure child is not around to inhale it.
Step 12: Part your hair the way you want it to fall on top when you get to that point. Make sure you run your fingers through your hair to calm down any frizz. Curl as you did the rest, although this time away from your face (it doesn't matter which way you curl the bottom).

Step 12: Part your hair the way you want. Curl the same way. 
 Step 13: Allow hair to cool, then run fingers through to make the hair appear more natural-looking. Then apply another THIN layer of hair spray.

Step 13: Once cooled, run fingers through hair to make hair appear more natural.
Step 14: Check on child again if they aren't hanging off of your arms by this point.

This process (not including the time I'm doing errands and housework while hair dries) takes about 15 minutes because I've gotten very fast at it! Sorry about the lighting in the different rooms!

As the day goes on, your hair will probably start to be less and less curly - but still manageable. 

This is a few hours later, after a walk outside in 80 degree weather, and playing with my little guy at the park:

Good luck! 


If you have more than one child, I : 

1) Have no idea if this approach will work for you.
2) Tip my hat to you. Seriously. You're amazing.

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  1. after 3 boys...its...wash...dry....flat iron real quick and toss it up!