Thursday, June 12, 2014

TurboFire Inferno Plan - My 4 Day Results and Real Talk about Binge Eating

I went a little crazy late last week.

See, I knew I have the annual Coach Summit coming up in less than two weeks in Las Vegas.

Last Thursday, it was officially the two week mark until Coach Summit started. I also took a break from the 21 Day Fix (I had completed two rounds and physically felt great!). I started getting stressed about the big trip. And I freaked. And I've been freaking and stressing ever since.

So what do I do when I freak out? I eat.

And eat.

And eat!

Last week, I gained NINE pounds in FOUR days!!

How is that even possible?! I've known for a long time that I have an unhealthy problem with binging. But putting on so much in so little time is not just unhealthy, it's scary!

I have to know the "why's" in life - I'm that kind of person. In talking with a friend/customer of mine recently who struggles with the same issues, we were discussing why we might deal with this. See, this isn't an "I'm feeling sad, oh no, I ate 3 cookies" kind of thing. It's not an "oh no, I had a bowl of ice cream" thing either. This is a "I'm going to eat everything in sight for DAYS until I'm ready to throw up" thing! Most people don't have this problem.

If you deal with this too, I would encourage you to go back and find WHEN you started dealing with these issues. I know when mine was. In talking with this friend, she asked me if it seems like I internalize stress. The answer to that is a resounding YES.

She described this painful feeling of wanting to eat every emotion as

"It is almost like you want to take your pain and everybody else's pain and just bury it inside of you."

If this is true for you, you are not alone!

So I knew over this past weekend things had to change. I had to do something quick to be able to get back on track - mindset & body alike! I put so much pressure on myself at times to be the perfect example, the perfect Coach, and to be a great leader for my customers and those around me to look up to.. that sometimes I go in the opposite direction!

So I've wanted to try out the TurboFire 5 Day Inferno Plan for some time, and knew the time had come.

Here's where my honesty comes in: I did NOT stick to the meal plan. I did pretty well the first two days, but day 3 I was a little off-track (poor planning with grocery shopping, foot acted up during my second workout) and today.. well... I woke up with pain in my arches (I have serious foot problems!) and knew I wouldn't be able to do any type of cardio, even modified.

So here are my results from just THREE days of doing the TurboFire Inferno plan. Tomorrow, I go back to the 21 Day Fix for a week before I hit Summit!!

Here's the thing with TurboFire - it is all-in, crazy-intense, high-energy cardio. There is nothing that will help you melt off the goo like cardio. I love weight training because it's easier on my feet, but cardio is where the difference is at with me!

I should also add: The 21 Day Fix is phenomenal because there is strength training AND cardio included WITH a unique meal plan. I wanted to just change things up a bit this week because I missed TurboFire and needed a reset to get rid of the extra goo around the middle I put on as a result of my binging last week!

So I lost all 9 of those extra pounds and am ready to crack down again on Fix workouts & portions!

Remember: this is a lifestyle, not a diet or a quick fix! We can't lose a bunch of weight, think we've got this, and slide backwards again! We are worth taking care of, and let's all try to remember to enjoy the journey and not be so hard on ourselves (I am speaking to myself here as well)! Let my experience this past week be an example of what NOT to do! Don't let your ego get in the way!

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