Sunday, June 1, 2014

Looking for Butt Lift Exercises? A booty makeover? Look no further than The 21 Day Fix!

It's time to get over myself and get a little personal - but only because I have been flooded with messages from close friends lately who have seen my progress pictures and are FLOORED.

Here's the truth: I have always had a flat, saggy butt. ALWAYS. Even when I was 65+ pounds overweight, I never had a butt.

When I started my journey last year, I lost weight and felt great, but STILL didn't have that perky butt I always wanted, even after my great TurboFire results:

I thought maybe after I did P90X, it would help:

After P90X

Then I moved on to P90X3:

I felt stronger and leaner, but there was STILL no booty lift!

I decided at this point, I would start saving to purchase Brazilian Butt Lift.. But then Beachbody released The 21 Day Fix, and I knew I needed to try it out!

My first round, I lost some weight and felt pretty good, although I didn't stick all that close to the meal plan during weeks 2 & 3 (which was bad, considering that's one of the most attractive aspects of the program!):

I didn't see much of a change at all in my abs, because, well, I still ate a ton of carbs that were not on the plan (hello, emotional eating!) - so I wasn't all that surprised. I did, however, start to see a little bit of a change in my booty!

I started my round 2 of The 21 Day Fix on May 12th - I am now on Day 20 of that round, but I have to say: I have NEVER had an attractive booty. EVER.

21 Day Fix

The Pilates Fix and Lower Fix workouts target your booty like nothing else! I started feeling the difference a couple of weeks ago, and MAN, it feels so good to FINALLY have a booty! And not just a booty, but a LIFTED booty!

21 Day Fix

My friends are all shocked. My family is floored (I have ALWAYS been made fun of for having that flat booty!). My husband is thrilled haha.

So when I tell you that The 21 Day Fix works, it doesn't just work for losing weight. It works for building muscle, and completely and totally revamping your body!

I have NEVER felt this good. Ever. And I want to help you feel the same! Fill out this quick form to get started on your own body makeover journey! :)

There. Now I can officially say I have broken WAY outside of my comfort zone to share this with you!

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