Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My TurboFire Results and Review!

What is Turbo Fire and is it right for you?

I have had SO many people message me about this very thing! Most are ladies, and not sure what exactly it entails, but they have seen my results and are wondering if it's for them.

After answering SO many messages from my friends and customers about what exactly TurboFire entails, I knew that there's got to be even MORE people out there wondering the same thing. So I figured I would put it all in one spot to help you out! 

Some people are worried that it's too difficult; others worry that they're not coordinated enough to do the moves. Let me put you at ease here: I am the most uncoordinated oaf out there. If I can do it, YOU can do it!

Here are some short facts (and some pointers) about TurboFire to show you what the program is like, what's involved, and whether it would be a good fit for you!
  • TurboFire is a 90 day program that can be described as high-energy cardio, with some strength training thrown in twice a week using a resistance band (and also core training is thrown in using the band as well).
  • Think: kickboxing meets Zumba. To be fair, I've never done Zumba myself (helloo, klutz here!), but there is a TON of punching, kicking, jabbing, and jumping (there is a modifier for those who have to watch the high-impact). The music is FUN, it's fast-paced, and gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping! And when your workout is done, you feel ACCOMPLISHED and AMAZING!
  • The trainer is Chalene Johnson - she is HIGH energy, she is FUN, and she knows EXACTLY what to say to get you motivated and fired up again, just when you feel like you're ready to quit!
  • The first 30 days are going to confuse the heck out of your body (in a good way!) if you weren't used to high cardio before. This period is where I noticed a huge change in my body and the way my clothes started to fit!
  • Why do a 90 day program when there are now 60 day, and even now 21 day programs? Well, you have SO many options now. But I refer you to see the picture above. 30 days doing TurboFire still helped me shred a ton of inches right off the bat! It was FUN, and it didn't even feel like working out to me!
  • Like any new lifestyle, nutrition is KEY. Remember: nutrition is 70% of your battle, and fitness is 30%. When you order through a Coach, TurboFire comes with a nutrition plan. When you order a challenge pack (on sale for this month!), you get the complete TurboFire program, nutrition guide, fitness manual, a month's worth of Shakeology, and even free meal planning on the Team Beachbody website! (A little secret: if you order the challenge pack this month too, you are basically getting TurboFire for FREE. See below for the form to fill out for more info on this!)
  • What equipment do you need? TurboFire comes with a resistance band and a measuring tape, which is very important for you to be able to track your progress! You will need: a mat for yoga and strength training exercises, and a REALLY good pair of crosstrainer shoes. Think basketball shoes, where you move from side to side and all around a lot! You need GOOD support. Walking or tennis shoes will NOT cut it!
  • If you're really concerned about how uncoordinated you are, I get it. I could barely slow dance (you know, the kind when you really just two step in a circle with a partner) before I started this thing. It will take about two or three weeks for you to start to understand the moves if you're like me. They can be a challenge to learn. But here's what I love about Chalene: she says, "If you're moving, you're burning calories!". And that is the absolute TRUTH. Even if you look like drunk chick waving a bottle around in a bar (sorry for the image) trying to keep up with the people on screen, you will be covered in sweat, and you will be learning the moves. Be patient with yourself and know that if you keep with it and work on being CONSISTENT, the moves WILL come! And then, once you know them, you can put even MORE into them!
  • If you're embarrassed to work out at home like I was initially, do what I did. I worked out either first thing in the morning before my son woke up, or during his nap. I shut the door to my workout room and threatened my husband within an inch of his life if he even attempted to open it (he didn't). Do this for you - make the changes you need to make so that you can feel comfortable working out in your own home!
Think you might sweat a little during a TurboFire workout?
  • So what does a typical TurboFire workout look like? Well, this unfortunately is one of the advanced DVD's - I don't have one of me doing a regular workout yet, but this gives you an idea! This one is just more fast-paced and high-intensity than the regular ones. :)


So my quick summary and review: 

TurboFire is a high-energy cardio workout, and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves music and needs a FUN workout! There is a GREAT modifier (Allie!), the trainer is amazing, the music is great, and the last piece of the puzzle is joining a challenge group. Without my challenge group, I wouldn't have made it through the entire 90 days. You NEED the daily support, motivation, and kick in the butt to push play! The good thing is that with this program, many times all you have to do on the days you're dragging is to hear the music, and it gets you all pumped up and ready to go! :)

Fill out the form here to get started on your own transformation today!

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  1. It definitely keeps you pumped out with the energy that feeds off the music and Chalene's training.