Saturday, December 28, 2013

Never forget where you came from...

.... but don't live back there, either!

It was the Saturday after Christmas (one year ago today) when I decided enough was enough. I had been battling depression, was sick ALL the time, and was an all-around miserable person. My son needed me to be strong for him, but I was exhausted, weak, and helpless. I don't do well with helpless.

So I decided enough was enough: I was going to be the best mom possible for my little boy, who desperately needed me to fight and advocate for him and his food allergies. In order to take care of him, however, I had to take care of myself first.

I had attempted P90X a few times but quit after about a month each time. I decided I needed to start something different but couldn't go to the gym because of child care. Besides, I would feel more comfortable in my own home. So I did some research and found TurboFire. Then I did some more research, and found there were groups called challenge groups with other people doing the same workouts and working towards completing the same program!

A few months into it and I was HOOKED. I felt great, my attitude changed, and I was better able to take care of my family because I was taking care of my own health. The rest is history! I started my "job" as a Coach in March to pass it on and help others with what I once needed help with.

It has not always been easy. I am not at my goal yet. I kept getting injured this year and had some setbacks. Every day is a fight still. But it is WORTH it. I will never forget how I felt last Christmas, and I am never going back to being that person! ‪

New Year. New you!
Turbofire Days 1 and 90

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