Saturday, August 3, 2013

Flour-free MSPI/FPIES "pancakes"

My little guy has been SO fussy this past week so I recently decided to take wheat out of his diet for awhile and see how he does.

This morning, I whipped together something that I thought would come out cute. Ha! Here's the thing about me I'll be up front about: most people who have blogs or are on social media will only post about their best. You know, the most pretty recipes, etc. Not me! I'll share my recipes, share pictures of how they come out, and work on tweaking them in the future to make them better - and you can tweak them too!

Anyways, I had seen and used a recipe for flour-free pancakes (I'll be posting that in my Affordable clean eating recipe folder later on today too) that uses simply eggs and bananas. My little guy can't have eggs - what I most often use in place of eggs in recipes is organic applesauce. It's a great binding agent and adds great flavor!

So here we go!

First I took 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup organic applesauce (remember - apples are on the dirty dozen - very high in pesticides), 1 Tbsp of unsweetened coconut flakes (for texture) and 1/2 Tbsp organic sugar (remember that most sugar is genetically modified - that's why we buy organic):

Mash the banana and applesauce together, then add the coconut flakes and sugar. Mix well. The batter should appear lumpy:

I just purchased some dinosaur metal cookie cutters in the hope that the little guy will tolerate different food if they're in fun shapes. Spray the pan with olive oil spray (soy-free) and place cookie cutters on the pan (heat is on low). Pour the batter into the cookie cutters:

This is where it gets rough: you have to wait until the batter is cooked on one side completely through - make sure the heat is on LOW, otherwise it will burn and the olive oil will turn rancid and we don't want that!

I ended up removing the cutters way too soon so I got a mess!

But guess what? He LOVED it! There was nothing left which is not normal for him at all! So I just need to perfect the right time to remove the cookie cutters and maybe add something a little more solid to it to give it more texture.

Another recipe tested, another lesson learned!

-Amanda :)

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