Friday, August 23, 2013

Down but not out! Should you work out when you're sick?

I hate being sick. REALLY hate it! Sore throat/congestion/heavy head = rest day! I used to work out even when sick but learned my lesson during my first round of TurboFire. I had a head cold and decided I was going to push play anyways. What should have been a 48 hour sickness stretched to almost a week! I STILL hate skipping workouts but know now that my body needs it!

When you're sick, your body is already stressed. Adding additional stress to it (like an intense workout) will overload it and often it will take longer for you to get over whatever sickness you have. Personally, I don't like being sick, so no workout for me today. Some people can push through with no problems, I am clearly not one of those people.

On another note, this has been the week from hell! L has been SO fussy this week, molars are coming in, more FPIES flares, another reaction and now he's sick too! Today he's still got his cold but he is happier than he's been in weeks! I didn't want to waste the opportunity, so this morning I downed my shakeology to help with energy and cleaned the entire house!

The good news is I can see my floors again! Vacuumed, swept, dishes done, packed away a bunch of toys, laundry done, AND I cleaned out my car!

The little man's play area hasn't looked like this for weeks! 

Amanda's tip of the day: don't let life's hurdles get you down! Make the best of it and move on! :)

-Amanda :)

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