Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cheap, all-natural homemade Shampoo and Conditioner recipe!

SO as I'm sure you've experienced in your own life, (and may have seen in my other posts) we are making sacrifices every day to make it through each week and get ahead. Every purchase is scrutinized, nothing is off-limits. Up until this point, I have still been paying $20+ dollars for name-brand shampoo and conditioner. Well, no more. I figured if I can save that money to go towards feeding my little guy the food he needs than I'm going to somehow figure out how to do without and still have clean hair!

With that being said, I set out determined to find something affordable, easy, and - most-importantly- that WORKS. I believe I found it! I came across this webpage and couldn't believe it could be that easy. So I went out and bought a ketchup/mustard plastic bottle set from WalMart.

Ketchup/mustard plastic bottle set ($2)
1 big box of baking soda (About $2)
1 bottle of apple cider vinegar (About $2)
2 cups of hot water

I labeled each container so I would be able to tell them apart. I then poured 1 Tbsp baking soda into one bottle, and 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar into the other. I poured 1 cup of hot water into each bottle and shook them until the baking soda was disintegrated and the vinegar was thoroughly mixed.

The first two times, I had to really run a comb through my hair, it kept getting knotted and it made me nervous. Today was day 3 and it was so much better - and my hair has never felt cleaner! And no, it doesn't smell like vinegar either!

I will need to refill each tomorrow but that is 4 days worth of shampoo and conditioner in two bottles - that's a big deal! So I paid about $6 for shampoo and conditioner that will most likely last months before I even have to buy more! PLUS I was seriously fighting with dandruff the past few weeks - now it's GONE and my hair feels great!

***Oh, and in these pictures, there is ZERO/NO product in my hair - just the shampoo and conditioner I made and a curling iron!***

I'd call this a win! <3

-Amanda :)

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